We have nearly 30 years experience in management of oil marginal fields, sales of crude oil and petroleum products, based on sources mainly from Russia, Nigeria, UAE, Kingdom of Oman, Turkmenistan, Angola, Saudi Arabia.  

We are specialized in marketing overstock/spot offerings, special allocations Typical size of oil delivery projects over billion of dollars.
We serve a stable client base, and build new partnerships across the globe.

We have invested over 6 years to build reliable and safe solid mineral businesses across the globe.
We manage the entire process from ore mining through refining and sales through major African sea port.

GAS (LNG) / Most recent project
We are setting up a new consortium for global marketing of LNG from Nigeria and continuously flourishing in crude oil and clean oil trade.

We are currently into pipeline security and laying in major oil countries around the world

African countries are rich in untapped natural resources, at the same time are lacking energy industries and unstable infrastructural backgrounds. This creates tremendous business opportunities in the region. We have the master plan to contribute to major infrastructural developments in Africa and develop our own projects on a global scale. We put special focus on the following opportunities:


  • Oil block development and pipeline laying and security, sludge treatment.
  • Refinery construction and management.
  • Mining concessions of solid minerals in Africa.
  • Current projects: Oilfield acquisition and development project: Angola.
  • Pipeline maintenance/security, Tanks desludging and Rehabilitation.


  • Roads, railway, logistics.
  • Energy production through Solar (Light Up African Network).
  • Urban development projects in Health, clean water production.
  • We have nearly 30 years experience in crude oil and petroleum products global trading.
  • We facilitate businesses between national oil companies and buyers/refineries on the highest corporate and government executive levels.
  • We provide trading and advising services.
  • We have excellent image and reputation on the oil market and in the OPEC circle.
  • We are specialized in special offers, allocations, spot businesses, management of overstock or other logistics issues.
  • We have the experience to manage challenging situations(logistics, economic, financial, political/diplomatic circumstances).
  • We are competitive in the market our expertise and high professionalism is best to none.
  • We listen to exactly the needs of our clients/partners, thereafter move fast to proffering quick response solutions, we are flexible and respectful to any of our cooperation partners.
  • ANOG is a global organization, covering four continents, having associated partners in Europe (Switzerland, UK, France, Hungary, Russia), Americas (USA, Canada, Venezuela) , Africa-Middle-East (Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Gambia, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Egypt, Israel) and Asia (Kazakhstan, Hong Kong) Our main corporate offices are in Zürich, Houston, Lagos/Port Harcourt, Nigeria, with high profile Administrative Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary from where the Global chairman operates from.
  • We have partners or council members in all countries where we have any businesses or operations and do not maintain operational offices.
  • Our businesses are very personal, we do not conclude business over Internet, all contracts are done in form of TTM (Top Table Meetings).
  • All our deliveries are based on personal inspection of goods performed by associate partners or local assistants.
  • We have high-level contacts within the OPEC community and partner with most of the OPEC member states.


  • Collaboration Joint venture in ownership of a Refinery in the UAE for the production of lubricants and oil.
  • Collaboration in joint venture ownership with Ikarus Bus Factory in Hungary  (a global brand).